Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Project Team Relationships and End User Engagement

The project team at Coventry consists of the following members:
Caroline Rock – University Librarian (JISC Project Champion)
James Fisher – E-Resources Co-ordinator (JISC Project Manager)
Graham Daniels – Head of Electronic and Network Services (Primo Implementation Project Manager)
Sandy Forster – Head of Bibliographic Support (providing input on the management of bibliographic records from the Aleph Library Management System)
Paul Smith – Library Systems Manager (carrying out most of the technical developments on the Library side)
Theresa Morley – Assistant Subject Librarian (giving a user-focussed view to the project) Carolyn Haresign – Head of Academic Services (also giving a user-focussed view and providing experience of running focus groups)
Joanne Marsh - Repository Development Officer (providing input on integrating the University’s repository (Equella) with Primo)

The majority of the Coventry project team can be seen in these photos.

The project team from Ex Libris consists of the following members:
Georg Heiming, Ex Libris, Germany (Project Manager)
Lee Smith, Ex Libris, UK (working on Coventry Primo implementation for Ex Libris)
Leonard Wright, Ex Libris, UK (working with Lee on Coventry Primo implementation for Ex Libris)

Engagement with end users has already started with a survey to consider potential names for the CU Primo product when it is launched. Once the initial version of Primo has been made available usability testing will be carried out and the results of this testing will be used to inform changes that will be made to make the interface more intuitive. During the survey about the name for Primo, respondents were asked if they would like to volunteer to take part in usability testing over the summer and 40 people volunteered, leaving their details so they can be contacted about taking part in the testing.

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